What happens after you place your order

Dear customers,

Many of you tend to email inquiring about shipping immediately after placing your order. While we understand you would like to receive your order ASAP,  please note that when an order is confirmed there are several stages it will go through:

  1. Order is placed and confirmed (same day)
  2. New orders will become part of the next production batch. Parts will be prepared, and orders will then be processed and assigned to the relevant production line to be assembled (5-10 days)
  3. Watches fresh off the assembling lines will need to go through a number of quality control testing e.g. accuracy of the movement z+- second / per day, waterproofing if applicable (approximately 2-3 days)
  4. Release to be shipped

For popular models, such as the submariners, where parts are already produced ahead of time, for those watches the production process is slightly faster where step two has already been partially completed.

We send customers update as soon as watches are ready to be shipped. In addition, we provide some updates in the trust section of the website

Thank you for your understanding